Libation and the Wines in Utah


Libation, LLC is a wine brokerage specializing in wine list development, industry training and consumer education.

We’re interested in the unique and distinctive. We seek out the people who are at the top of their game, ensuring that who we have — whether it’s an established Italian wine importer or an up-and-coming Oregon Pinot Noir producer — are the best in their field.

These people tend to be the passionate souls who capture their unique terroir in every glass. They tend to be family-owned properties that don’t mind when we get our hands dirty with them at harvest or bandy about a little  wine geek-speak.

We thrive on this sort of direct contact. We love wine and we want to make sure that the wine buyers and everyday consumers we work with love the wines that we carry. And they do. With each bottle, we want them to share that patch of earth, that row of vines and the story that makes that sipping memorable.

Everyone in our portfolio gets the individualized attention necessary to communicate their unique vision.  There are no 800 pound Gorillas in this portfolio.

Libation, LLC also creates wine literature for consumer audiences. In other words, often you might find a wine article featuring or written by Libation. That’s right, we can’t just sell it. We yell about it and get more ink for our clientele than any other brokerage in town.

This is what happens when you’ve got wine on the brain.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Francis Fecteau

Proprietor & Chief Wine Pimp of Libation

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It’s never changed.  Not once in more than a decade of experience.  Great wine still makes me weepy and weak in the knees.  I consider myself lucky that when I am at my most jaded seen-it-all-tasted-it-all wine pig moments, wine still has the capacity to surprise and thrill.

My compulsion began at the age of 7 when I raided my father’s stash of New York soul food (creamed herring, fennel salami, and kippers), stuffing my fat chipmunk cheeks with occasional long draws off of a bum jug of Almaden Mountain Chablis. The food obsession continued through college. Seduced by the easy charm of quick cash and a low-impact food budget, the restaurant industry financed my education and any travels during those years.  I have since followed my mouth everywhere.

After a brief stint as a chef and restaurateur, I went over to the dark side — I became a wine broker.  I tried to get away, learn something new, but as much as I tried to get away, like Michael Corleone, it kept dragging me back in and wouldn’t you know it, the thrills kept coming.

Many years later I created Libation, LLC. Years of enduring the boozy bureaucracy of brokerages, large and small, prompted me to strike out on my own and elevate the wine experience for producer and consumer alike. My convictions remain unwavering.  Thrills for all.

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