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Press coverage is part of the wine-pimping process. By talking to writers, producers and even picking up the pen ourselves we bring our clients’ stories to readers looking for their next great bottle. To see what we’ve been preaching, wine-wise, and to get a taste of what others are saying about us, check out our links below.


Wine Spectator 

12 Impressive Napa Cabs

Catalyst Magazine

Profile of Francis Fecteau (by Katherine Pioli)

The Pleasures of Summer

City Weekly

Reading Wine Lists & Labels


Wine & Aging

Let Them Eat Fruitcake

Thanksgiving Wines

Wine & Sushi

Don’t Be A Sucker: Tips for Tasting Truly Great Pinot Noir

Champagne Secrets: Exotic Grower Champagnes

Say What? Don’t Be Afraid, Say It .. Gruner Veltliner

Common Scents: What’s That Smell? Wine Aromatics 101

Picnic Vino: A no-nonsense approach to summer wine

The Chard Facts: How to Avoid Bad Chardonnay

Inside Baseball

Party Time

Springtime Sipping

Que Syrah


Value for the Soul

Bitter Sweet

Salt Lake Tribune

Weekly Toast: Unoaked Chardonnay a good match for light summer foods

Others Writing About Us

Salt Lake Magazine

NEW – Sipping and Chatting with Winemaker Carol Shelton 

Salt Lake Tribune

Winemaking: Growing Bruises — and Knowledge — at Farm Camp – The Trib joined us for Farm Camp!

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Libation Animates the Elements of Wine Tasting with a Passion for Sincerity, Simplicity

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